Oishii Wuisukii

This a new range for the Highlander Inn bottling. I do like single cask bottling, single malt or even single grain whisky! there are so many whiskies to choose from. But for some reason a number of people almost look down on BLENDED WHISKY! why?! back in the 80’s, one 17 year old blended whisky changed my life (somewhat). After tasting it I thought to myself “Wow, that tasted delicious!” and since then started to become a big fan of all whiskies.

This unique bottling called Oishii Wisukii, which simply means “Delicious Whisky” in English. The very eye catching label design is by Japanese designer and artist Takeshi Abe, who also designed serveral labels for Ichiros malt the famous “Card series”. He was delighted to create the label for the Highlander Inn and I hope he continues to create these excellent labels for the Oishii Wusukii range.

It has a high percentage of malt and has been matured in a good sherry cask which comes with a 46.2% natural cask strength.