Highlander Inn ~ Collaboration Bottling with other companies

These bottlings are not a regular release but more on a very ‘ad hoc’ basis. If the right cask is sampled for a collaboration bottling that we like, we jump at the opportunity to bottle it with a special label that is unique and designed especially for us at The Highlander Inn.

Douglas Laing – Scallywag for Highlander Inn Craigellachie

One of our Special Release Blended Malt Whiskies which arrived at The Highlander Inn this end of the summer.

This cask contained only Speyside sherry matured whiskies perfectly blended together, which only gave up 300 bottles at 55% abv. This is truthfully a good drinking whisky and can also be a collector`s item too.

Douglas Laing is a family owned independent Scotch whisky distiller, blender and bottler. Being an independent whisky bar ourselves we were very happy to be able to produce bottlings with Douglas Laing that have as much passion for whisky as we do.

Venture whisky – Chichibu

I guess we don`t need much explanation for Chichibu, all whisky enthusiast should know this charismatic distillery from Japan.

This is our 3rd release we have proudly been given the opportunity to bottle. coming from an ex-Hanyu Chibidaru cask which only gave us 133 bottles, possibly one of the best Chichibu we have tasted…..so far.

This bottling of Chichibu was exclusively bottled for The Friends of The Highlander Inn and sold out almost as fast as it arrived. I’m sure our friends who were lucky enough to grab one enjoys it just as much as we did.

Blackadder International – Raw Cask

We worked with Robin Tucek on many occasions to release a single cask of Craigellachie since 2017.

Possibly, this is one of the reasons we haven`t bottled any single cask of Craigellachie under our own name yet.

Starting from selecting an 8yo then an 11yo, a 13yo was then released and now we reach to a 15yo, which is our latest release. We only managed to get 90 bottles from this cask and sold out the fastest, with most being snapped up on the first day of release. Looking forward to the chance where we can bottle 25 years sometime soon.