Highlander Inn 2011 Single Cask Bottling ~ Bunnahabhain

!! SOLD OUT !!

The eleventh in our series of “Annual Single Cask Bottlings” is from Bunnahabhain distillery on Islay.

After nosing and tasting several cask samples from many distilleries, we eventually selected this cask, owned by Wemyss Vintage Malts.

Cask Number 1798 was distilled at Bunnahabhain distillery on Friday 2nd March 1979.

It was bottled on Tuesday 20th September 2011 at it’s natural cask strength of 51.4% alc/vol. From a sherry butt, the angels agreed to let us have 511 bottles (700ml).

Maggie Riegler of the Greenhall Gallery, here in Craigellachie, was once again (for the 11th consecutive year) commissioned to paint a picture specifically for the front label which depicts a different view of the Highlander Inn to that of pervious years.

Our true friend, the original Michael Jackson ~ “Beer Hunter, Whisky Chaser” ~ always wrote the tasting notes for each bottling of ours until his untimely demise in 2007. From 2008 onwards, we decided to invite a different person each year to write the tasting notes for us. The criteria is that they must have a great reputation, and truly respected throughout the whole “whisky world”.

In 2008 we were delighted that Hideo Yamaoka, Japan’s foremost Malt Scotch Whisky “otaku” and the translator of Michael’s books into Japanese wrote the notes for our bottling of Highland Park.

John Hansell, the creator, Publisher, and Editor of “Malt Advocate”, the USA’s leading magazine for the whisky enthusiast agreed to write his comments for our 2009 bottling of Bowmore.

Serge Valentin, one of the most prolific whisky aficionados on the internet, and a member of the “Malt Maniacs” agreed to write his comments for our 2010 bottling of GlenDronach.

This year we’re absolutely delighted that

Charles Maclean

kindly agreed to write the tasting comments on the back label.

A writer whose special subject is Scotch whisky, Charles has been researching and writing books & articles about whisky since 1981.

He has published ten books to date, including the standard work on whisky brands, Scotch Whisky and the leading book on its subject, Malt Whisky, both of which were short-listed for Glenfiddich Awards.

Whisky: A Liquid History, published by Cassell in 2003 was named Wine and Spirit Book of the Year (2005) by the James Beard Foundation of New York. MacLean’s Whisky Miscellany followed in 2004, expanded in 2006 as Whisky Tales; in 2008 he was Managing Editor of Dorling Kindersley’s Eyewitness Companion to Whisky, and in 2009 their World Whiskies. Whiskypedia was published in June 2009.

He shares his enthusiasm and knowledge by giving talks & tastings around the world and by presenting training programmes and Masterclasses for whisky companies, clubs and individuals.

Visit his website, WhiskyMax.co.uk

As always, included with each bottle is a unique Certificate of Ownership with the same number as the bottle, that can be framed and hung on your study / office / drawing room wall.

Again, each label was painstakingly applied to each bottle individually and then hamd numbered by Duncan Elphick ~ so it really is a personal bottling with none of this automatic labeling & numbering!

It was also initially available in the following countries; Japan, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Sweden and Italy. However all markets have now sold out.