Highlander Inn 2006 Single Cask Bottlings ~ Glenlivet & Bowmore

In June 2006 we were approached by our friends at Hankyu Department Store in Osaka, Japan, to produce 2 exclusive single cask bottlings.

One was to be a very limited edition “5th Anniversary” malt to mark Duncan Elphick’s 5th annual visit to Hankyu’s British Fair in October 2006.

For the “5th Anniversary” malt we chose a Glenlivet, distilled on 11th August 1970, bottled on 17th August 2006, at it’s natural cask strength of 50.1% abv, and limited to only 84 bottles, a true limited edition.

Why Glenlivet? Simply because it’s one of the world’s most famous malt whiskies.

Why 1970? It was distilled in the same year as Hankyu’s very first ” British Fair” ~ a 36 year old malt whisky to accompany a 36 year old fair.

For the “super elite” limited edition bottling we eventually chose a 1966 Bowmore. This is a 40 year old malt whisky at it’s natural cask strength of 43.5% abv.