Annual Single Cask Release

This range all started in 2005, our annual single cask release, the labels then were created by Maggie Riegler a local artist from 2005 – 2012. Sadly, Maggie passed away, but her artwork lives on in local galleries and on the labels of our Maggie’s Collection single cask release.

So, now another great artist from The Netherlands Hans Dillesse (also he is a good friend of The Highlander Inn) has put in a lot of effort to create the new labels for our annual single cask release.

This range comes with a bottle owner`s certificate and an individually numbered bottle. The tasting notes from this range has come from the whisky industry reading experts, such as Michael Jackson, Dave Broom, Charlie McLean and many others.These bottles are available to try and buy from The Highlander Inn, but you must come hastily as they are sought after by many people and snapped up pretty quick. With a limited number of bottles from a single cask release we still proudly love to share it with overseas friends. We currently export to 9 different countries around the globe from bonnie Scotland to Japan, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and South Africa.